How one VIRAL Video Ad Brought in 67 NEW CUSTOMERS within 30 Days 
(earning the Spa Owner more than $10,000 in ONE MONTH and $120,000 for the year!)
If you’re a spa owner, you know how difficult and time consuming it can be to get new customers. But, without new customers, your business won’t grow.

What if we told you that you can get new customers on AUTOPILOT by unleashing the power of VIRAL video ads?

That’s just what our client Diane from Avantika Spa did to SKYROCKET her profit.

By using viral video ads, an irresistible signup offer, and automated bookings, Diane landed 67 NEW CUSTOMERS in just 30 days and raked in over $10,000 in profit.

And, the good news is that we can help you do the same. In this article, we’re going to show you the EXACT strategy we used to help TURBOCHARGE Diane’s earnings.

What's a Viral Video?

A viral video showcases your spa’s services in an engaging way and drives customers to your front door.

Let’s watch the SAME viral video ad we used for Diane.

As you can see, Diane’s video went VIRAL, getting more than 34,000 views from people near the spa who are interested in Diane’s services.

More importantly, you can see that Diane’s video got ENGAGEMENT. People clicked, liked, and shared--AND SIGNED UP for her offer.

Most spas use boring videos that don’t ATTRACT and EXCITE customers. To grow your business, YOU NEED TO STAND OUT.

That’s why viral videos are so powerful. 34,000 people saw Diane’s video and not her competitors’.
Viral videos let you stand out from the competition and make sure people come to YOUR SPA and not someone else’s.

Unleash the Power of Viral Video Ads through Facebook

Diane’s video didn’t just blow up by itself. We used Facebook advertising to promote the video, broadcasting it to people who are located near her spa and are interested in spa services.

The great news is that our process is easy, affordable, and EFFECTIVE.

We spent just $5-$15 a day to show the video to people around Diane’s spa who would actually come into her spa. The video appeared directly in the Facebook feeds of Diane’s ideal customers.

What’s great about using this strategy is that people see YOUR ad, NOT your competitors’ ads!

Crafting the PERFECT Signup Offer

Just seeing your ad won’t get someone into your spa. They need an incentive. That’s where your special offer comes into play.

We work with you to come up with something IRRESISTIBLE to your customers, like a small discount or a free add-on. It’s only in exchange for their contact information that customers get this incentive.

In Diane’s case, she offered a free skincare set when people who viewed the ad signed up with their name, email address, and phone number.
This part is crucial, because having contact information is gold. You can now turn someone who’s expressed interest in your service into an ACTUAL PAYING CUSTOMER.

Read on to learn how we convert signups into customers.

Have $10? Turn it into a New, PAYING Customer

That’s right--it only costs about $10-$15 to get a new PAYING customer into your spa. And, what’s so powerful about this method is that this customer is going to spend $100 or $200 or $300 when they come into your spa.

These videos work because they’re engaging and catch people’s attention. They get tens of thousands of views from people who live in your area and want your services.

Not convinced? Take a look at this screenshot of Diane’s Facebook Ads Manager.
Here, you can see that it cost Diane an average of $3.24 to get a signup. And since about 35% of people who signed up for her Facebook offer booked an appointment, it cost Diane under $12 to acquire a new customer. 

That means that for every 3 signups, we turned 1 into a paying customer.

At $12 to get someone to come in for a $150 service, that’s a 10X return on investment.

To recap, using this strategy, Diane got 67 NEW customers within 30 Days, making over $10,000.

But Facebook ads and signup offers are just the first two steps to FLOODING your spa with new customers.

Maximizing Your Number of Bookings Through Automated Contact

Once you have contact information from someone who signed up for your offer, you can turn them into a PAYING customer.

This is the last step for using viral video ads on Facebook to get more customers.

There are 3 main ways to message people who have showed interest in your spa.

#1 Phone

The first way to contact someone interested in booking is to call them directly to schedule a time. This isn’t always the best option because they might be busy or at work or just don’t want to answer the phone. (Not to mention the manpower involved in manually dialing interested customers.)

That’s why we have 2 more ways to reach them--which are COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC.

This means that you don’t have to do a thing--we do it for you--and it’s all automatic.

#2 Automatic Texting

We send out the first text message automatically after someone clicks on the signup offer. This is the CRUCIAL time to reach out because they’re already primed and ready to book. So, within minutes of them signing up they’ll receive a text to book an appointment.

This is your MONEY MAKER. This is how you turn all that interest from your VIRAL video ad into BOOKED, PAYING CUSTOMERS.

#3 Automatic Emails

We also set up a sequence of 5 automated emails that go out just like the texts asking people when they would like to book.

By setting up both automatic texting and emails, we’re creating more touchpoints with your future customers.

Some people only like to text, some people only like to email. That’s why we have both.

The best part is that you don’t have to do anything--people are responding back to the email automatically sent to them.

You can put your spa on AUTOPILOT while still getting bookings, day after day and month after month.

That’s how our client Diane was able to get 67 new customers in 30 days--using a viral video ad, special signup offer, and automatic booking.

How Much is a Customer Worth to You?

For the average spa, a new customer will spend between $300-$400 in a year.

So, Diane didn’t just earn $10,000 from these new customers. She’s also earned almost $27,000 in future revenue. 

And, since we can replicate these results month after month, Diane is poised to earn more than $120,000 this year.

All from one viral video ad.

Want a VIRAL Video Ad Set Up for Your Spa?

At My Spa Rocket, we help spa owners use Facebook and viral video ads to bring new customers into their spa on AUTOPILOT.

We do everything from start to finish: creating the video, setting up the Facebook ads and signup offers, and configuring automatic texting and emails.

We handle it all for you--all you have to do is deliver your spa service to your new customers!

Are we a good fit?

Before we begin working together, we want to make sure that we can actually help your spa business.
  • We only work with spas, medspas, and businesses offering similar services (beauty, massage, facials, microneedling, laser hair removal, hair salon, etc)
  • You should have a MINIMUM of $500 to invest in marketing
  • We are currently INVITE only and can only accept ONE spa per city (because we don’t want our clients competing with each other)

Ready to take the next step?

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