Are you terrified that the coronavirus pandemic will permanently close down your spa?

Worried about how you’ll pay rent, make payroll, and still keep food on your table?

Getting panicked calls from clients who want to cancel their appointments?

We've boiled down the same strategies we used to help dozens of clients FLOOD their spas with new customers into one complete system for Corona-Proofing Your Spa - and we're practically giving it away. 

We'll walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know to stay open, keep cash coming in, and position your business for long-term success.

Dear Spa Owner,

Are you afraid that the coronavirus pandemic means the end for your business?

Have you seen your cashflow dry up overnight?

Are you completely unsure of what you're going to do to meet your monthly financial obligations?

If you said yes to any of the above, stay tuned because in this letter, I'm going to be dropping some huge value bombs that could literally saving your business.

First, because I believe in total transparency, here's the bad news. 

Things are going to get worse before they get better.

We’re just beginning to see the impact of this virus on the world economy.

The service industry has taken a HUGE HIT and the hits WILL KEEP COMING.  

BUT, the GOOD NEWS is that YOU CAN STILL THRIVE during this nightmare.  

Health and wellness-based services ARE ALREADY SURGING. People are taking their health more seriously now than ever before.

So if you offer any service that helps people relax, destress, or unwind, you have AN ADVANTAGE during this meltdown.

What about beauty-based services?

All is not lost. Anyone who owns a nail salon or a beauty parlor or a makeup studio knows that BEAUTY IS THERAPEUTIC. Many people turn to these treatments and therapies to feel good, stay well, and remain positive.

All you have to do is PIVOT to meet the current demand.

My name is Quenten Chad and I've spent the last 3 years of my life helping people just like you learn how to market their businesses online.

I currently work with spa owners, beauty professionals, massage therapists, and other wellness experts to help them EXPLODE their bottom line -  you can check out what my team and I do over at

In light of the unparalleled global impact of the coronavirus, I decided to put together a system that you can use IMMEDIATELY to get cash coming into your spa right now, to transform your existing offerings to meet the growing demand for virtual services, and to use any downtime to build your business so you can come back STRONGER and BETTER than before.

I believe in this system 100% and I'm super excited to be able to get it into your hands because this could very well mean the difference between life and death for your business.

One quick note: this is NOT a get-rich-quick-scheme. I can't promise that you'll make a million dollars using the strategies in this system. I can't promise any results because you will get out of this what you put into it.

I can only guarantee that if you implement ALL the strategies we'll show you in this system and don't see a change in your business, you'll be backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

That means you literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So, are you ready to make a small investment in your spa business to keep it afloat during the coronavirus crisis? 

Are you ready to create virtual services that allow you to reach clients from the comfort of your own home? 

Are you ready to build your business so it's ready to grow like crazy once you can open your doors again?

If so, I urge you to purchase our Coronavirus Spa Survival System today.

I can't offer this system at such an amazing price for long, so please take advantage of this offer TODAY. Like, this instant.

I promise you won't be disappointed!

To your continued success,
Quenten Chad
Co-founder of My Spa Rocket 

I'll let other Spa Owners do the talking...

Jennifer from Gold Coast Exquisite, Long Island

Lena from Aesthetic Permanent Makeup, Florida

-- Introducing --

The Coronavirus Spa Survival System:
 3 Steps for Corona-PROOFING Your Spa

Using our proven 3-step system for Corona-Proofing your spa, you can keep your doors open (metaphorically) and PROTECT YOUR CASHFLOW. Hell, you can even GROW your spa business. 

You'll learn, step by step, how to digitize your existing services AND create new services all from HOME.

We’ll show you how to RAMP UP your business’s visibility and position your business so you can reach people around the world! 

Imagine being able to offer your services to someone 3,000 miles away all without having to leave your living room.

We’ll also unlock the secrets for SCALING your newly digitized services. What if you could offer your services to an UNLIMITED number of people without the time investment one-on-one services require?
These strategies could literally CORONA-PROOF your spa. 
You could come out of this pandemic BETTER OFF than you are now!
We could charge thousands of dollars for the secrets in this course, but we don’t want to do that.


Because we LOVE spa owners. Our job is to help YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS THRIVE. 

Whether that means using viral video ads to FLOOD your spa with customers during normal times or helping you pivot to meet unfolding needs, WE’RE HERE FOR YOU.

We need spas to survive this pandemic because without spas there is no My Spa Rocket... I'm more vested in that than anything.

Will you be one of the spa owners who IGNORES this crisis or will you be one of the spa owners who PREPARES for it?

Spa owners who IGNORE this situation WILL NOT BE OPERATING A YEAR FROM NOW. This might sound harsh, but it’s 100% TRUE.

You literally CANNOT AFFORD to put your head in the sand and “ride this out.” 

You need to be PROACTIVE and TAKE ACTION TODAY to make sure your spa survives.

Spa owners who PREPARE for the impact of the coronavirus will RECESSION-proof their spa and GROW their business.
  • Weather the coronavirus pandemic (even if you have to close your doors)
  • ​Learn how to DIGITIZE YOUR SERVICES so you can keep clients and protect your cashflow
  • ​Discover what NEW SERVICES you can offer digitally to help your clients
  • ​SCALE your business so you can offer your services globally to an unlimited audience
  • ​Learn how to MARKET your services so you can keep your current clients and score NEW PAYING clients
  • Weather the coronavirus pandemic (even if you have to close your doors)
  • ​Learn how to DIGITIZE YOUR SERVICES so you can keep clients and protect your cashflow
  • ​Discover what NEW SERVICES you can offer digitally to help your clients
  • ​SCALE your business so you can offer your services globally to an unlimited audience
  • ​Learn how to MARKET your services so you can keep your current clients and score NEW PAYING clients

A lot of so-called experts charge 20X this amount, for a fraction of the value. They’ll give you some basic tactics and tell you which buttons to push, but they don’t help you make money.

There’s simply no one else offering this level of proven, tested, COMPLETE information on keeping your spa alive during the coronavirus, and certainly not for such a ridiculously small investment.

It’s the FULL training on all of the principles, frameworks, and fundamentals that you need to keep your spa alive! 

This will SAVE YOUR SPA.

Want to know how we do it? Allow me to show you...


STEP 1: EMERGENCY Measures You Can TAKE TODAY to Generate Revenue and Stay Open

How to protect your cashflow so you can STAY AFLOAT during the crisis

Did you know that you can bring in cash RIGHT NOW to keep your business from going under?

The amount of cash you have on hand is the only thing keeping you from permanently closing your business.

So now is the time to do everything in your power to ensure that you have enough cash coming in to meet your expenses.

If you have enough cash, you can ride out any quarantine you’re forced to endure. You can make rent, pay your bills, and help your employees out. 

Using these strategies can also give your employees work to do during any downtime they have (instead of sitting around worrying about whether they’ll have a job once this all blows over).

And, so many spa owners don’t know about these strategies.

But I will walk you through each of these options - in detail - so you can get cash flowing into your business TODAY.

Wouldn’t it be great to TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF and NOT have to worry about money during this pandemic?

How good would it feel knowing that your business is SAFE (even if others around you are shutting their doors forever).

Step 1 is all about preventing your spa from hemorrhaging clients and money while securing your future. 

Once you’ve applied all the techniques in this section and you don’t have to fear running out of money, you’ll be in a position to BUILD your business (while your competition is still scrambling to make ends meet).


STEP 2: How to Revamp your Business to Meet the EXPLODING DEMAND for VIRTUAL SERVICES 

Switching your services from In-Person to Remote in 72 hours or less

Right now the demand for virtual services is EXPLODING. People across industries want the same services they’re used to receiving without the risk of contracting the coronavirus.

What this means for you is OPPORTUNITY.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “I’m a spa owner who offers in person, one-on-one services. How can I possibly offer virtual services?”

It’s way simpler than you think and doesn’t require any fancy equipment or expensive technology.

The truth is, my team and I have absolutely mastered the art of offering products and services remotely. (In case you didn’t know, we’re 100% distributed, which means we have a dedicated team from around the globe already serving our existing clients.)

We know exactly how to help you take your business online.

And we know how to transform your existing hands-on services into something your clients will want virtually.

But, it takes some out-of-the-box thinking (which is what we’re all about).

We’ll walk you through each step to take to revamp your existing services for digital purchase as well as create NEW SERVICES that your clients will love.

This strategy alone could set your spa up for exponential growth during the coronavirus outbreak AND BEYOND.

And, it gets better, because we’ll also show you how to SCALE your new virtual services so you’re not limited to offering them one-on-one.

Imagine if your business wasn’t limited by geographical boundaries. How many new clients could you land if you could open up your services to the entire globe? Hundreds? Thousands? More? The possibilities are literally ENDLESS.

And we’ll show you precisely how to do this.

Wait - there’s even more.

What if you could upsell your virtual services and make a profit off the products you use in your spa? Using the strategies we uncover in this section, you’ll be able to earn revenue from the products you sell in your spa.

Don’t have any products? No problem - we’ll cover what you need to do to maximize your bottom line using beauty products your clients will love.


STEP 3: Positioning your Business for Long Term Success

What you can do during downtime to ensure your business’s longevity

Despite the fear and hysterian the coronavirus has instilled in many small business owners, you’ve been given an opportunity to position up your business for future success.

What do I mean by that?

There are things you can do today that will take time to have a noticeable impact on your business.

But these activities are incredibly valuable.

So while other people are in panic mode, you can decide to take powerful action to set your business up for long-term success.

Here are a few examples.

For starters, think about your social media presence. When’s the last time you posted something meaningful for your followers? How often do you offer resources that help them succeed? What are you doing to build your audience?

Any break you have from the day-to-day work of servicing clients, managing your store, and keeping employees on track is an opportunity to build your business’s online presence. 

Doing this organically, i.e. without paying for increased exposure, takes some time. BUT, that’s what you have right now! 

Another area where you can see big wins in the long-term that takes some work upfront is ranking your business higher on Google.

Do a quick test for me. Go to Google, type in your city and your service. Are you appearing in first place?

If not, you have work to do.

We’ll break down exactly what you need to do to get your business in the top spot on Google so you can rake in new customers without spending a penny on advertising.

Again, most spa owners are normally so busy that they can’t take the time necessary to properly build their business’s online reputation and visibility.

But, right now, if you have extra time to devote to your business but aren’t sure where to start, we’ll walk you through ways you can make sure you business is ready to DOMINATE when things are back to normal.

My Mom Always Told Me Not To Brag...

...So we'll let other Spa Owners do the talking...

"I was a little scared about my decision to join a new concept of marketing but the help and support from this group is endless and even though far away from every one its like working together in my own spa. Ok i can go on forever about this so i am going to stop by saying 
Let go of your fear and get in to your personal Rocket and take off."

"It's very important that you get exposure and the best way is through My Spa Rocket. I've looked through a lot of other marketing companies and they are just not as good. It took me 3 months to find Quenten and Jovan. And you guys actually care just like I care about my clients!
I recommend that every spa owner uses my spa rocket"

"The best spend $37 in my life! Virtual services saved my spa from closing because of the coronavirus. I'm not making as much as I was before but I'm not running out of cash now and my caladner is filling up with virtual services! Quenten thank you for showing me what’s possible when one is thinking the right way!"

"I've been a spa owner for 5 years now and I still can’t believe how much money I left on the table because I didn’t focus on virtual services. Discovering you guys was a revelation to my business, due to coronavirus my spa is closed right now and I’m still making money! Thank you Quenten, you saved my business from bankruptcy!"

"3 years of constant struggle I finally built a loyal clientele and my business was going better than ever then this coronavirus  started and I needed to close my Spa. I didn’t know if I was going to make it so I decided to give the virtual services a shot and it worked!! I would never guess there are so many people interested in virtual services I discover a whole new niche I don't even know exist!"

"I ended up seeing the ad with Quenten on Facebook and decided to join - the best decision I ever made! It's been literally life changing in just over 30 days"

Frankly, with the Survival System alone, I don’t see how you can fail.
(Unless you literally do nothing, at all, ever — in that case, no one can help you, not even your mom).

But Bonuses!




Pre-Release Access To The Book "Stupid Sh*t Spa Owners Say"

$97 Value

You will get early access to the book

"Stupid Shit Spa Owners Say"

Which is essentially a playbook of what makes a spa fail...

 This book is filled with all the stupid sh*t spa owners say 

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We put this together so you





One Full YEAR of Access To The "Spa Success Playbook" 

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Every week, we interview one successful spa owner to learn their biggest secret...

The key to their success...

The reason why they're number one in their area over all their competitors...

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 This PLAYBOOK  details what is working -- and what's not working -- inside their successful spa.

This is insider access that will help your spa skyrocket to the moon!

I hope you’ll agree when I say:

This is an INSANE amount of value.


It took 5 long years, working my butt off...

Studying hundreds of books

Hustling hard for tens of thousands of hours 

Investing thousands upon thousands of my own money on testing, trying to figure it all out 

And through all that work and money spent...

I built a system 

And that is all applicable now MORE THAN ever before because of the coronavirus

Now, you could go the same route as me...


You can get the Survival System and ALL the bonuses for a mere $37 investment. 

I'm not saying you won't have to work at this, you will but the amount of time, money, energy and frustration you save is beyond absurd.


The truth is, we put everything we had into this system. 

We needed to make this the best of the best to save all the spas

Because if there's no more spas... there's no more My Spa Rocket.

I can't see that happen. I refuse. 

I need spas to make it through this pandemic

And that's going to happen with the Spa Survival System.

I hope this will save your spa... for real, I care.

We want you to GET RESULTS!

We’re confident that once you see the value we provide in a $37 program and save your spa, you’ll of course want to find out where we can help you get to in our higher end programs.

In fact, we’re so confident you’ll want to work with us further that we’re offering this training below cost. 

That’s right, we are subsidizing your training with our own money!

And not only that, we’re taking on ALL the risk! 

If investing $37 right now is enough to make you sweat buckets and bite your fingernails…

Don’t worry because…

You're Protected By our Lifetime, No-Risk 100% MONEY-BACK Guarantee

I'm beyond convinced that not only will you LOVE the Survival System and all the amazing bonuses... but when you IMPLEMENT what we show you, you'll be amazed at your results

You'll get your hands on in just a few minutes -- and with ZERO risk.

Either you're complete thrilled or you send us an email ( and we'll give you a full refund -- no hassles, no hard feelings (we'll still be friends).

If You Do Not Adapt... You And Your Spa


Take a stand for you business today before it's too late.

(watch the video below!)

Here’s everything you get when you get the Survival System today...

Our 3 Step System To 'Corona-Proof' Your Spa 

($1,497 Value)

STEP 1: EMERGENCY Measures You Can TAKE TODAY to Generate Revenue and Stay Open

STEP 2: How to Revamp your Business to Meet the EXPLODING DEMAND for VIRTUAL SERVICES 

STEP 3: Positioning your Business for Long Term Success



Pre-Release Access To The Book "Stupid Sh*t Spa Owners Say" ($97 Value)


One Full YEAR of Access To The "Spa Success Playbook" ($297 Value)


NOW ONLY: $37!

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